Other Resources

Twitter (@WaveParadigm)
Feel free to @ me at any time -- I'll be posting Game Dev snapshots and misc things about what I'm doing here.

My Personal Website (http://adamgincel.com)
If you're looking for info about me that you can't find here, check out my personal website for my programming projects and more personal information.


James Romph (TehPilot)
A master at GameMaker: Studio, programming whiz, and all around cool guy. Also Vice President of SGDC.

Alex Massenzio
A former SGDC Vice President. Great at Game Design, and unfairly good at video games in general.

Kevin Quigley (HydeGriffen)
Former President of SGDC and great friend. Kevin's specialties include mobile puzzle games, and mobile puzzle games.

Stevens Game Development Club
SGDC is a place for newcomers and veterans alike to test the waters of Game Development. I'm beyond proud to have been running the club for as long as I have been, and am looking forward to its continued success.